Nikola Workflow

Planned directory structure

~/my/prj/web/            # Directory for all web projects using Nikola
~/my/prj/web/.env        # Python environment with nikola and friends
~/my/prj/web/ # Directory of one Nikola project
~/my/prj/web/ # Directory of another Nikola project

Prepare Python envinronment

cd ~/my/prj/web/
mkdir .env
python3 -m venv .env/
source nikola-env/bin/activate
pip install nikola
pip install aiohttp watchdog # Enables nikola auto build function.

Add bash alias to activate the environment

Add the following block to the bash alias file.

# Activate Python Virtualenv
# create this with mkdir .env && python3 -m venv .env
alias activate=". ../.env/bin/activate"

Monitor the website changes

Will render the page automatically when changes are saved to the nikola files.

nikola auto --browser